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Elastic Mesh Bandage
使用范围: 弹力绷带是一种网状管状弹性绷带,有多种规格,适用于身体的各个部位。

1.Elastic Mesh Bandage is an elastic tubular.Net bandage,available in different that surgical dressings canbe securely held to any part of the body.
2.Elastic Mesh Bandage is easy to use and can be applied by inexperienced persons if necessary.
3.Elastic Mesh Bandage holds the wound properly,never squeezes and let you feel comfortable.It dose not obstruct movement.
4.Elastic Mesh Bandage is economical,you can make dressing with so little material.Moreover,it can be washed and sterilized.
5.Elastic Mesh Bandage dose not cause skin irritation. Large mesh does not restrict dermal respiration.

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